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Sep. 10th, 2009

dara min ho

Krung - Krung and Jun Pyo

I love the story line and CF itself. Nice music and acting for both actors (sorry sann) I missed Hero Angeles! Hahahaha!

On 3:04 Min Ho looks like TOP, I love his hair in this part and the concert scene too. Thou it a little bit confusing with the plot you really need to pay attention to the details or the storyline. Sandara's acting seen her was what she learned in Talent Center i like her Kapamilya forever. And Lee Min Ho is so adorable too. I envy her.

I don't want to comment more. That's all!

Sep. 8th, 2009

GD Blonde

August was Party Month

 August was a busy month bec. it was the birthday of our beloved leader Ji yong of BB and youngest member of ARASHI Jun Matsumoto with Arashi anniversary. It was fun to be with friends fan girls and celebrate the party with them.

August 22 we celebrated GD birthday at A. venue Suites Makati... pictures will be posted soon. Food and GD shirt souvenir was awesome. And it's for free!!!! Thanks Sann.

Link for GD cake pic and Jun's party. Thanks to Jem.


 Jun's/Arashi party at BSA Suites

 with party people

While the first Jun party I attended too was on Aug. 29 at BSA Suites Rooftop that approximately 90 party peeps attended. it was fun too! Again I won a picture frame in the raffle and a magazine for being runner up in the dance marathon contest. Thanks to the organizer for choosing me to be your winner rather runner up.

The second Jun party was held at Astoria Tower in Pasig and this was organized by JCrina of Tsinoy.com. it is exclusive party and selected guest was invited to be part of it. Thank you for listing my name there. We had games and i was able to meet new friends and build up closeness. Thankful that I was able to watched Jun's dramas and remember his role their. Off course our team didn't won bec. the other teams knew more Jun's drama than us. I remembered my ichiban is Ohno. hehehe

I'll try to post the pic of the souvenirs and food next time...

hoping and looking forward for more parties to come....

Sep. 7th, 2009


Happy Anniversary H.O.T!!!!!

I just want to shout out that today is the founding anniversary of my beloved boy band. Highfive of Teenagers. I missed you guys!

Moon Hee Jun
Ahn Chil Hyun a.k.a Kang Ta
An Seung Heon a.k.a Tony
Jang Woo Hyuk
Lee Jae Won

Still looking for your reunion. Forever H.O.T.


Sep. 4th, 2009

GD Blonde

That's why I love him... My GD

Repost of video:

Ever since I started to like Big Bang I knew that their leader Gdragon is such a good dancer. I miss the way he's dances like the one in LaLaLa. For me GD have this innate talent in dancing he doesn't need to make an effort to be recognized (aside from the hairstyles off course). But in general he's really talented thou. With all the basic steps they doing in their recent songs.(basic steps!!!!)  Sometimes we forgot hows this young guy groove and move.

But this one make me smile. I really like GD to sway his hips and do this. 

I want to see him like this, it makes me smile!

And winning the chart with 21322 Votes why not!!!!

That's why I love him..... Sorry Sann and TOP. hahahaha

Jun. 26th, 2009

GD Blonde

Big Bang ..... PH

I just seen this. I heard from my officemates that 2ne1 Fire song was aired and part of the countdown of MYX right now they got the no. 1 spot. But I never expected that they will also aired Lollipop by Big Bang and 2ne1...

Is there any chance Big Bang will be coming here soon? Sann dream come true!

video posted by: meljoy
june 23, 2009
POP MYX 4:30 - 5:00pm
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Jun. 19th, 2009

GD Blonde

2NE1 - Fire Dance Cover Video

We just shot the 2NE1 fire dance cover earlier with my sister and her friends, Hope you'll like it. Just want to share this and many dance cover to come soon.






Apr. 24th, 2009

GD Blonde


I knew that Talent Companies try to cost cut and save money by allowing their Talents to borrow clothes. Like in J.E. they tend to give the old clothes/costumes, shoes etc of Senpai's to their juniors. Same thing in other Talent Centers.

YG also did the same thing "mix and match" as what we call it . Accessories is the most common thing Big Bang lend to each other. Aside from Seung Ri who always love to Borrow GD clothes well they are same gender thou . But this pic is a little bit weird and funny


For GD:  Pic was taken by famous photographer Terry Robinson for Arena Magazine. 

Big Bang spoke easily with Terry using English Engrish during the shoot and introduced themselves. 

G-Dragon happily mentioned that "Because I really like Terry's photographs, I've always wanted to stand in front of his camera. I've finally fulfilled that wish."

Terry Richardson also put in his two cents saying "I don't think I'll be able to forget Big Bang's innocence. I detest things that have a fixed form or are already set. Instead of feeling like they are stars, I feel like they are normal boys who are still mischievous and full of fun. "

credits: allkpop.com

Dara on the other hand it's promotional pic for group debut 2ne1.

Wait can you spot the difference? I mean the pants?

Is it the same pants or just same style? Wow if yes GD is thin or Dara is fat? Same waist line?

Weird and Funny.

But Still I love their style.

Mar. 28th, 2009

GD Blonde

So it's Bi Bang feat. 21 CF for LG CYON Lollipop

They are so cute!!!!! Love the CF of LG it's always colorful and playful. Gd's partner is Sandara and she was focused by the cam too. I wish they show more dancing skills of 21 but it's CUTE.

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Mar. 27th, 2009


I'm soooooo Excited!

I read from another site that Female Big bang will be releasing their first single for LG Cyon with Big Bang. With their latest single "Lollipop" and the cellphone name as well. I love their colorful pic with GD in the middle in baby pink he's so cute and I hate it she's beside Sandara envy envy!!!! lol Goodluck to all!

He's in the middle
 In Tokyo auto show

On the other side my cousin will be coming home this April 6 and will be staying until the 17, the last time I see and speak him was back in 1992?  Wow that's more than a decade and I'm so excited when he added me up recently in friendster! thank you!!!! What I like about him he still remember us. (nice kid) he's grade 4 when he left and now he's already a 2nd lieutenant in the air force. WOW!!! And he's based now in our favorite place JAPAN! And I adore the way he dress up, look at the pics. he's so cool! hahahaha proud cousin. Looking forward to see him soon

I just wanna share my little Baby Jaewon is a BIG FAN of Bigbang and he likes G-Dragon so much! He said he's GD too. But he's favorite song right now  is Strong baby by Seung Ri. He's dancing along with it and he knows how to do the Crack thing and some of Seung Ri's steps. Too bad he's too shy to show it when we visit Ninang Sann's house. He's 4 years old but I see that he'll have a future to become GD too. Proud Mommy! hahaha

Mar. 9th, 2009

GD Blonde

Berryz Koubou I just love them

I love listening to Jpop but recently i was looking for a new music that will make me smile and dance along with so this is what i found. I find them all cute and charming they were considered as best new artist for 2008. The video is old coz they are all grown up....

I just want to share this to all. Hope you'll like it too

Berryz Koubou
Please Love Me as Much as 100Jokes[DANCE SHOT]

i love the tall girl with short hair....  Tokunaga Chinami


]Shimizu Saki(SH) Captain
Tsugunaga Momoko[Ts]
Tokunaga Chinami[To]
Sudou Maasa[Sud]
Natsuyaki Miyabi[Na]
Kumai Yurina[Ku]
Sugaya Risako[Sug]

and it's hard to figure out which is which.....

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