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Dance be with you!

6 November 1980
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I'm a sweet, loving, funny, dedicated and friendly person. I'm white complexion, a little bit short in height but I believed in height doesn't matter. hahahaha!

I love Boybands most especially Highfive of Teenagers they are from Korea and they influenced me a lot to like Asian music either it could be Kpop, Jpop or Cpop if what they are called. Later on I love to like other Asian Boybands too such as Taiwan's F4 and Fahrenheit, Japan's Arashi, Kat-tun and Hey Say Jump and another Korean band Big Bang. Thou I don't understand what they are saying coz i doesn't know how to speak their language. It gives me the happiness, excitement and chill everytime I listened to their music.

I'm also a big fan of Phillipines Acrobatic dance Group "Streetboys" they also influenced me a lot in terms of my dancing style. hehehehe! I'm a better dancer when in terms of Hip-Hop dances than jazz. I've been a fan for 15 years (silent fan) actually coz I never attended their gatherings. But I'm Hoping one day i can see them personally.

Now I enjoyed watching Asian dramas it could be Koreanovela, Chinivelas and Jdorama. I like Jerry Yan of F4 as Dao Ming Xi in Meteor Garden, Song Seoung Heon as Min Woo Of Summer Aroma, Kamenashi Kazuya of Kat-tun when he played Kiritani Shuji in Nobuta Wo Produce, Jun Matsumoto of Arashi and Shun Oguri in Gokusen 1, Kazunari Ninomiya of Arashi in Yamada Taro Monotagiri and Wu Chun of Fahrenheit as Quan in Hana Kimi Taiwan Version.

They are mostly guys sorry... Oh Rainie Yang in MG and Why Why Love, Hirokita Maki in Nobuta Wo Produce. That's All!

So That's Me!